Polaris Buggy 800cc 4seater

Large Size Buggies 4 seater
Available in 7 locations
Polaris Buggy 800cc 4seater 1
Polaris Buggy 800cc 4seater 2
Polaris Buggy 800cc 4seater 3
Polaris Buggy 800cc 4seater 4
Riders: 4
Gearbox: Automatic
Engine CC: 800cc
Engine strokes: 4T
Disc brakes: 4
Are you looking for a special vehicle to explore Naxos? Buggy then is the vehicle for you! Enjoy Naxos Island in a fun way. Please mind that driving off-road, on the sand of the beach and in dry lakes is forbidden. Safety first. Drive carefully, according to the rules, and wear your seatbelts.

Model features

  • Riders: 4
  • Gearbox: Automatic
  • Engine CC: 800cc
  • Engine strokes: 4T
  • Disc brakes: 4
  • Starter
  • Liquid-cooled
  • Rear gear

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