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  • Motonaxos is the biggest car and motorbike rental agency in Naxos. Based on a 40th year of professional experience, provides the best rental prices, high standard services, all-inclusive rental rates, and an exclusive selection of rental cars, ATVs, buggy, and scooters on Naxos Island!

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  • Biggest fleet on Naxos Island! You can choose among a wide variety of rental cars such as: economy car models, automatic cars, SUV family cars, 4×4 wrangler jeep or Suzuki Jimny, convertible/cabriole/open-top holiday cars, minivan/full-size cars.  Large selection of rental ATVS (4-wheelers, quads), Buggy (side-by-side, rzrs) for two or four people, automatic scooters and motorcycles.

  • Avoid unpleasant surprises!  All-inclusive car and motorbike rental prices, flexible rentals with free cancelation for most of the models, no hidden costs, no credit card fees, insurance benefits, value for money deals, free unlimited kilometers, and road assistance.

  • 3 rental offices in Naxos and multiple service points. Find us in Naxos Town – Chora, Agia Anna beach and Agios Prokopios beach. Rent your car from Naxos port and Naxos airport or meet us at your hotel.

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Places to visit on Naxos Island

Do I need to rent a car on Naxos Island?

Naxos island is the biggest island in Cyclades with plenty beaches, villages, and sights to visit. Renting a car in Naxos is highly recommended so you can get around easily, safely, and explore the beauty of the inland and the coasts.

What type of rental car do I need to get around Naxos?

Motonaxos caters for all tastes by offering economy cars, luxury cars, cars with automatic/ manual transmission, cabrio/convertible/open-top cars, SUV family cars and 4×4 jeeps. Let us know which are your plans so we can propose you the car model that best meets your needs and take the most of your holidays at Naxos.

Can I drive around Naxos on a rental ATV (4wheeler)?

ATVs (quads/4wheelers) are the new trend of getting around and visiting Naxos Island. Motonaxos has a wide variety from small to large atvs that can satisfy any needs. Check our online booking system, choose the suitable atv model for your needs, and explore Naxos Island in a fun way.

Can I rent a buggy on Naxos Island?

Buggy (side-by-side/rzr) is the most popular rental vehicle during the last years. We have a great selection of Polaris buggies for 2 people or 4 people, which you can book online or locally.

Is it easy to visit Naxos on a scooter?

Exploring Naxos Island by scooter is definitely the most economical way to get around. Mopeds are ideal for Naxos Town – Chora and the west coast beaches. Medium to large scooters or motorcycles are capable of visiting Naxos villages and beaches.

Does Naxos Island have good beaches?

Naxos is well known for its beautiful beaches and the best beaches in Cyclades. Crystal clear waters, long sandy beaches and the Mediterranean breeze are the ideal combination for enjoying a day at the sea. Some of the most popular beaches at Naxos are: Agios Prokopios beach, Agia Anna beach, Plaka beach, Alyko beach, Kastraki beach, Glyfada beach, Hawaii and Pyrgaki beaches. Most of the beaches are also accessible by an ATV, buggy or motorcycle.

Are there sandy beaches in Naxos?

Definitely the long, sandy, golden beaches are the reference point of Naxos. You can pick your favourite sandy beach along the 20km of coastline on the west of the island. However, you can also find sandy beaches on the north and east of Naxos Island. Rental buggies and atvs can make the access easier for exploring all the sandy beaches of Naxos.

Are Naxos beaches organised?

Naxos has a long list of beaches, all over the island, which can offer the opportunity to choose between organised or free beaches. Whichever beach you decide to visit at Naxos, make it fun and easy, by hiring your private vehicle. It is sure that you will be surprised by the Naxos Island beauty.

Which are the most beautiful villages to visit at Naxos?

The most visited villages on Naxos Island are Chora (Naxos Town), Chalki, Filoti, Apeiranthos, Moutsouna, Apollonas, Lionas and Tripodes. In all areas you will be able to find accommodation for your holidays stay. Renting your private vehicle will help you to move around Naxos, easer and at your convenience.

Are Naxos villages worth going?

Naxos villages are a must see! During spring, summer and autumn are the best periods to visit them, when all the open areas restaurants and cafes are accessible. Villages are also well known for their windmills, museums, architecture, and culture presence. Interesting archaeological points will be also found close to the villages. For example, Dimitras Temple, Panagia Drosiani, Kouros, Olive oil pressure, Iria, Portara – Apollon temple, etc. Motonaxos professional staff can provide you with all the necessary information and, are own, Naxos map.

How many villages are on Naxos?

Naxos is the largest island in Cyclades and has over 25 villages! Since locals are spread all over the island you will find facilities at most of them. Also, you will find villages both on the mountains and by the beaches. The best way to visit them are by renting your own vehicle.


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